How to do Lovedale Long Lunch 2012

  • Why you should attend the Lovedale Long lunch 2012, the most popular progressive lunch in New South Wales
  • Find the best Hunter Valley accommodation for this event
  • Learn how to make the best of the weekend

As an owner of Hunter Valley accommodation, the Lovedale Long Lunch has always been a special weekend for us and Lovedale long lunch 2012 is shaping up to be any food and wine lover’s idea of Heaven. Always on the third weekend in May, (the 19th and 20th this year) our house is full of friends who adore a glass of wine or six coupled with tasty food.


The concept is simple, seven wineries in the local area partner with seven restaurants and put on entertainment at each venue, but it is hard to get to all of them as once you get comfortable in one you want to stay!

To start, the Long Luncher purchases a package which includes a wine tasting goblet, one main meal, one dessert and 5 tasting tokens which can be used at any of the wineries. If you are a fuss pot when it comes to wines we recommend tasting, but as most of the wines are of good quality, it makes more sense to just buy a bottle of your chosen grape variety and enjoy.

The atmosphere is amazing with a happy party feeling hanging in the air. Lovedale Long Lunch has a huge following and many people dress up for the occasion, it is always highly amusing to watch Elvis and Fred Flintstone boogieing down to Zane’s finest music.

As regular attendees to the event, we can offer the  following advice:

  • Hunter Valley hotels are always heavily booked for this event, so consider a Hunter Valley cabin or cottage for your stay and book far in advance, even securing your accommodation for next long lunch before this one has started.
  • Rovers Buses offer a shuttle service that will take you around the wineries and will pick up and drop off at the wineries.
  • The more the merrier, so round up your friends to join you. Buses must pre-book the winery but individuals can work at their own pace.
  • Grab a table or piece of grass and then send someone off to purchase a bottle of wine or two for you to enjoy.
  • The queues can be long on Saturday, so grab a friend to join you in the wait and don’t get impatient, it’s all just part of the experience!
  • Plan your loo stops in advance as again there can be long queues of people jumping up and down with their legs crossed.
  • Share the dishes, it is more fun to try all the different dishes than to fill up on one serve.
  • Pace yourself, it is a long day and there is low tolerance of unsociable behaviour.
  • Do not plan to get to all the wineries in one day, you will want to spend at least 2 hours at each venue.
  • Try to stay over on the Sunday too as the event is quieter but just as much fun on the Sunday.
  • Make sure your get to Emma’s cottage at some stage to have Amanda’s Sri Lankan chicken curry… awesome and the one dish we refuse to share with each other!

Long Lunchers are normally well behaved, but you do still get the occasional nudie run through the vines and tragically bad dancing at the end of the day. I often wonder about the day trip buses and how many pit stops do they have to make on the way home… I’m glad I live locally where it is a short stagger home!

Visit the Lovedale Long lunch website more information and each venue’s menu and for information on accommodation in the area.

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