The vines burst alive in the Hunter Valley this spring

Anyone who knows anything about Hunter Valley will know that this time is the most exciting time of the year. Local Hunter Valley wine lovers are excited about this year’s budburst.


When we first moved to the Hunter Valley we met a lovely couple that lived nearby that also ran accommodation in the Lovedale area. We had been here for a few months and we bumped into Betty at Talganess drinks, a monthly get together we all have.

I enquired as to where her husband, John was and she replied “Oh its budburst”.

As a cityslicker I had no idea what she was referring to and she had to painfully explain to me that Budburst is when the leaves start appearing on the vines. Usually this occurs in September when the days start to warm up, although variations in the vine types also play a part for example, Chardonnay shoots earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon.

Just before Budburst tiny buds appear on the vine and start to swell, then suddenly tiny leaves shoot through and grow quite quickly, roughly 3cm a day. Within a very short time the vines are green and then the flowers appear, self-pollinate and then the tiny little grapes occur usually by Christmas.

This year we will be capturing the development of one vine and you can follow the progress of its development through the season. You can view the photos weekly on our Facebook page ( so like us and follow the progress of the vine. You may even win a competition to come up with a name for this vine too!

Finally, why was John not at drinks because it was Budburst? Every year John sat on his balcony overlooking his vines with a glass of wine in hand and spent the entire day watching the green shoots pop through. He said it was amazing watching the vines change from the wintery brown to a lush springtime green in such a relatively short period of time, and wild horses could not drag him away from that balcony!

Have you ever experienced budburst? It may not be a bucket list item, but well worth a trip to the Hunter Valley at this time of year to see it boom into life! Come for a romantic getaway or bring a group of friends, either way you can stay here with us at Manzanilla Ridge,

Lush green shoots burst out of the vines

PS You’ll even find out some of our local secrets!


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